The New Food Cart Pod on the Westside – Bend, Oregon

by whatthebend on September 9, 2013

I haven’t been writing as much lately. It’s not because I’ve forgotten how, luckily. In my lack of writing, I wanted to share with you a guest post. A first ever for this blog. And, keeping with the anonymous author tradition, the guest poster is also anonymous.

The subject is the new food cart pod in Bend. I happen to live *very* close to this pod, so have been watching it under construction since the beginng. I was excited to see it finally open up, and have really enjoyed it so far.

But writing about food is not my forte. So, I thought I would turn to a guest poster to share some specifics. That said, enjoy the first ever guest post on WhatTheBend:


After a year of waiting, the new food cart pod on the Westside is up and running! Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good home cooked meal and staying in, but sometimes I found myself wishing that we lived in a community like Portland, where we could stop by a food cart pod around the corner on a busy night where we didn’t want to cook in. That moment is finally here, and I’m here to tell you about my experiences thus far.

First off, you might be asking, ‘Where is this Bend Food Cart Pod?’. There are a total of 5 food carts on the Westside of Bend on the corner of Columbia and Hartford. The food carts are right next to where Hutch’s and Baked are (1 block behind 7-11). There is a large patio seating area with a bar, 16 beers on tap (approx $4 for microbrews), and lots of room for seating with even a fire pit in the middle of one of the long tables. They do have geothermal seating and it’s a friendly setting to hang out in.

Surrounded by the pavilion and seating area are 5 food carts. I have had the pleasure of eating at each of these Food Carts and will share my reviews below:

1. The Real Food Bistro (closed Sundays)

The Real Food Bistro is the original Food Cart of the pod. It has been there since Spring of 2012 and it is still a favorite of ours. They use bread from Baked, meat from Primal cuts, and it is truly a culinary experience going there. You can’t go wrong with the grilled cheese or the Cherry Chicken Lettuce Wraps and you will be licking your fingers after every bite!  We have also been a fan of getting their melange of soups when the air starts to get chillier. Meals range in the $8-$10 range plus extra for more sides/drinks.

2. Thailandia- formerly Bee’s Thai  (closed Saturdays)

Oh Thailandia how sweet thy are… no seriously, I was heart broken when I didn’t see Bee’s Thai Trailer in her usual place off of Century, but oh how my heart rejoiced when I realized that it was re-branded and now in the food cart pod! All of the entrees are a straight $8 and she is still serving her famous lettuce wraps, curries, stir-fries, noodles and rice goodness. Always a super friendly experience when going here and I have never been let down by her meals.

3. Mauna Kea Grilll (Open 7 days a week)

If you are looking for savory Hawaiian meat, then come to Mauna kea Grill. I did enjoy the Kahlua pork, but am looking forward to seeing more vegetarian options here in the future. The ladies at the trailer/cart tonight mentioned they are working on a stellar salad, and by seeing the glean in their eyes, I am excited to try it when it is available. Prices range from $8 for a small plate, $10 for regular, or $12 for a Big Kahuna plate.

4. The Brown Owl (Closed Mondays and Tuesdays)

This is a brand new food cart and I’ve got to say my favorite decorated food cart. After talking to the owner, we found out the story behind the naming of the Brown Owl and was impressed by the back story. Their chicken here is so succulent and they are also known for their rice bowls and huge breakfast burritos. If I could make one suggestion, it would be to have Siracha as an optional condiment as a rice bowl is not a rice bowl without Siracha (I admit, we’re addicted to the stuff)! Seriously though, super friendly people, good food, can’t go wrong.

5. Ricos Tacos (Open 7 days a week)

I’ve got to say the Al Pastor tacos rock my world. They aren’t super big, but they sure are tasty! The tacos I had were spiced perfectly and the tacos melted right in my mouth. As far as prices goes, this cart is the most economical and truly a tasty experience if you are craving some good tacos, burritos, or Tostadas!

All of the carts accept cash or card and they usually close down around 10pm. Most of the carts are open by 11am in the morning as well. Having a large variety of food, economical dinner choice, large seating, and 16 beers on tap, I must say this is a welcomed addition to the neighborhood!




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I’ve heard twice now that this is happening. Is this old news?

Dusting off the blog a bit…


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In case you missed it (as I did being out of town) there was a Mini rally in Bend this week. Bend was host to Mini Meet West 2013 this week. The Bulletin captured this fun video of many of the Mini’s at the flaming chicken roundabout.

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